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Maybe if the mail tried some investigative  journalism it would see the number of readers increase ?!
I hope with all what's going on enough info comes out for a prosecution of sorts. I've been reading the post for approx two years now and can't believe how a lot of councillors have behaved. They should be named and shamed and put on billboards across the town. If i want something I don't con people. Steal or Rob people.I will never vote Labour again. t****..
Like every one else I want to see the back of CAB......But if he does decide to hang on untill 2020 it will certainly help Independent councillors in 2019/2020.....The prospect of that happening won't give the Corbyn Pixies much satisfaction  :D
Just for clarity, he has gone?
There is a lot of decent workers at the authority and need to sort out the bunting.
I don't think he's gone - it's now down to the Labour Councillors to vote him out - as I said in a previous post he'll probably survive. 
The only way we'll get rid of him as leader is for an Independent majority in the Council Chamber
Just for clarity, he has gone?
There is a lot of decent workers at the authority and need to sort out the bunting.
One thing that baffles me is the quote of a 'growing tide of lies and deception' on local social media.
So are their woes based on this? ... and if so, surely that could be nothing to do with their leadership as it's all down to the ' growing tide of lies and deception' on social media?
It's a fight in a rats nest.
They ALL marched along in the same column to the beat of the same drum under the same banner, so replacing the old pretenders with caring new ones will change nothing, rebranding this shower will be like swimming down to the Titanic to give it a lick of paint.
Now after the greatest mass slow awakening in politics and rubbing their colective eyes, they've suddenly realised they've been diligently following the circus parade behind the clowns and the ' Amazing Spineless Family', "without a bone in any of their bodies".
Well, it wasn't a dream and you were part of the problem, you were the Circus tent that supported the act and now the clowns have sold the tent you suddenly realise you have a 'problem'. Dear oh dear.
Civic duty or self preservation?
Did CAB make any comments about resigning ?
If all of the mob are not expelled then the exercise will have been pointless.

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