Author Topic: European Saboteurs  (Read 319 times)

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European Saboteurs
« on: June 17, 2017, 04: AM »
Sad to see that Johnathon Faull has been knighted for his 'contribution' to EU cohesion.
Not so sad for him personally in that he leaves his EU role on a U.K. tax-payers (I.e. you and me!) funded pension of 136,000 per year (I.e.every year from now until he dies. Nearly as much as Doofus Stubbs gets!)
Conscious of the fact that some posters on here aren't so keen on him, I almost refrained to give a quote from the Spawn of Satan/anti-Christ/evil personified.....Big Nige.....who said ..
." Should we laugh or cry? It's farcical that a man who has worked so tirelessly and energetically for the EU directly against the interests of the UK can receive such an honour"
That level of largesse for poor Mr Faull makes up part of the cost of EU to the UK of over 13 BILLION we made last year in contributions.(but hang on....we get 4.5B back from them, so we must be at least grovellingly grateful. Thanks EU for limiting our yearly cost to a mere 8.5B

Bring on Brexit. More nurses, more autonomy.


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Re: European Saboteurs
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2017, 09: AM »
There is no chance whatsoever that Brexit will lead to more nurses. Nor doctors. We've already seen the number of EU nationals workin within the NHS drop and new recruits from the EU hit rock bottom. These people make up a huge part of our NHS.

Regardless of what position anyone of us took on referendum day we cannot bury our heads in the sand as to the reality of the consequences on our health system.