Author Topic: New Regime-same old bol*ocks.............  (Read 409 times)

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New Regime-same old bol*ocks.............
« on: September 24, 2020, 06: PM »
Fresh from spaffing 600,000 quid  down the drain the Mayor of Teesside and his Tory 'Independent' fart-catcher don their best suits for a propaganda shoot at the railway station.

 There has been a campaign to open up a second platform at Hartlepool for well over a decade and now it might happen the politicians jump in and grab all the glory as if it was all down to them personally.
It is exactly the same thing that happened when our Bus Station Transport Interchange was opened. Then we had Labour telling lies, today we have Tories and 'Independents' telling lies.


Labour Lies.........


A Teesside railway station will be transformed under the first stage of a town’s new £2.6m transport interchange project.

The £300,000 scheme to improve passenger facilities at Hartlepool railway station will start in February.

The waiting room will be doubled in size with new toilets. There will also be automatic doors, a ticket counter, travel information screens, retail areas and a new pedestrian walkway to the platform.

Councillor Peter Jackson, Hartlepool Council’s neighbourhoods and communities portfolio holder, said: “The scheme is particularly significant in that it represents the first stage of the Hartlepool Transport Interchange project that will bring together rail, coach, bus and taxi services in one central location and improve public transport links to existing and planned developments.

“It will also support the introduction of Grand Central’s direct rail service to London and Hartlepool’s continued economic development and regeneration.”

The interchange itself is earmarked for land in Church Square, next to the Marina Gateway Bridge. Work is expected to begin in the spring.


Tory Tosh 2020  ...........


Anyone care to remind me how much better things are now we have a Council run by a man who changes his Party more often than Church street gets 'regenerated'?
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Re: New Regime-same old bol*ocks.............
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2020, 06: AM »
Anyone care to remind me how much better things are now we have a Council run by a man who changes his Party more often than Church street gets 'regenerated'?

And is a 2 x convicted drunk driver? I suppose as long as Shame Shane is jumping on busses or trains he's not putting the rest of us at risk as a 2 x convicted drunk driver?

Rather than He said/She said ( politics version) we should be aware of who is actually representing Hartlepool

The Councillor, Shane Moore was found by police in his car at around 1 am, asleep behind the wheel.

The police administered a roadside breath test, which Moore failed and he was then taken to Hartlepool Police Station. When interviewed by the police Moore stated he couldn’t remember driving that night and was surprised at the reading as he had a limited amount to drink.

Declining to give evidence at trial, Moore was convicted of a drink driving offence.

The court had heard from PC Tony Kolodziej, who stated how he and his colleague had stopped to see if Moore needed any assistance. When the driver’s door was opened, PC Kolodziej told the court; “It was apparent the driver was asleep, I could hear snores, and see his chest moving up and down.

“There was a strong smell of alcohol, and when the driver spoke his speech was slurred.”

At the police station, Moore gave to further breath tests, the lowest of which was 105mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath. The current legal limit in England and Wales is 35mcg.

Following his conviction for this offence, the court also heard that Moore had a like conviction dating back to 2005.

TWO convictions for drunk driving.
I mean seriously - this man is "running" HBC. 
Is he still on the "pop" ?
Is he driving around the town?
He must have gotten his licence back last year...and if he could get someone to insure him he could be driving.Or does the "Mayor" have a driver 24/7?

Drunk drivers = potential killers who should be banned for life.
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